Vertragsunterzeichnung beim VC Tirol.

Als Obfrau des VC Tirol bin ich, Therese Achammer stolz, dass es dem Verein gelungen ist, Michael Jensen für weitere Jahre als Head Coach und Trainer der 1. BL zu verpflichten.

Michael leistet tolle Arbeit mit dem Team und führt behutsam die jungen Spielerinnen an das Niveau der 1. BL heran. Unermüdlich kümmert er sich zusätzlich um die jüngeren Talente des Vereins und möchte auch diese bis in die 1. BL führen.
Diese neuen Impulse, Ideen und Volleyball Enthusiasmus, die vom Trainer Jensen ausgehen, beflügeln den ganzen Verein, noch mehr für die Jugend und  den Volleyballsport zu leisten.

Michael, wir sind stolz, dich in unserer Mitte zu haben!

Das Interview mit Michael Jensen:

– you came to VCT at the start of this season and now after 4 months you have agreed to a 2 year extension. What are your thoughts.?

“It didn’t take much time of being here and feeling the energy and heart that is in this club, before I knew I would want to be here longer than just one season if I was offered the opportunity. I love the nature and landscape in Innsbruck, and even though it is hard being away from family and friends, i am working with my passion and with people I can share that with.”

– it has been a good season so far for VCT and the team is still in the contention for a top spot this year, how do you see the rest of this year going.?

“First of all we have gotten the results we have because of the players. The girls all work very hard and they have taken in the coaching. I believe we can go as far as our work ethics takes us. Our talent and top level is good enough to win it all, but the road to reaching that level is not without obstacles, and we as a young group need learn how to handle those. The other teams in the league are also very good and clearly we have still a way to go before we can consider ourselves among the top, but I have a ton of faith in this year’s team.”

– What were your reasoning for committing your near future to VCT.?

“As I said I love working with the people who runs the club. I like that there is always a sense of urgency to perform well and work hard, but at the same time there is a tremendous amount of support from the board, the parents and players. I have certain goals with coaching and being in VCT helps me reach those goals. I am developing and learning new things from experienced minds in the club, and I am given the opportunity to develop some extremely talented players, and that makes everything more fun.”

– Do you have something you would like to add.?

“I just would like to say thank you to Therese Achammer and the entire board for giving me the opportunity here. I will continue to work my hardest to reach the goals we set together. I am so grateful for this opportunity.”